Every day life beauty

As a designer and photographer it is important to keep the inspiration going. That isn’t always an easy task. Some projects are easier than others. And it wouldn’t be the first time that I got stuck somewhere along the way. Perhaps right at the beginning, at the brilliant idea stage, or a little later when trying to sketch out that, what I can almost see in my head, but which hasn’t quite materialised just yet. Or it’s at the finishing touches stage, just that last bit where something is just not perfect (yet).

So what to do? Generally I try and see the beauty in everything. Doesn’t have to be big and spectacular, the world isn’t full of constant rainbows or sunsets. But what it is full of is of is endless little things; shapes, shadows, reflections, patterns… And seeing them, finding them, acknowledging them, that is where I find my imagination and motivation.


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