Hello there!

Originally I am from a very small town in Germany. I have studied/worked/lived in Germany, Australia, New Zealand, almost a decade in London, England, and on a small island off the Coast of Africa, called Tenerife. I am now based in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria where I live with my husband and my three young children. It’s a whole different kind of living out here (compared to a multi million people city or a volcanic Island) and I very much enjoy that my surroundings provide me with the kind of space and tranquility which allow me to follow my longing for making, creating and transforming things.

I’m a natural light photographer who loves capturing those precious and fleeting moments of every day life, the little things that make us smile, that make us feel alive. Whether that’s a game of tickle or mucking around as a family, admiring your newborn’s teeny tiny feet, or drying off some tears after a true pirate fight between a teddy and your toddler. It’s these ordinary moments that shape our families, that create memories. And of course there are also of those big momentous events, like an engagement, a wedding, or the birth of a new baby which leave tender imprints in our hearts. Small or big, spectacular or beautifully ordinary, these are moments that I capture.

It would be lovely to meet you!